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Our Story

As parents of two young children and now two young adults we believe strongly that this generation is destined for greatness. We believe our role as parents is to inspire and equip our children toward what we call a Hero’s Journey and we need heroes now more than ever.

My story began as a young energetic boy of 5 being kicked out of the first private school I ever attended. There was nothing wrong with me. I just needed purpose and a healthy way to direct all of my extra energy. Now as parents we searched out schools for our own children. Having traveled, lived, and worked all over the world I have seen first hand how education can change an entire country for good. We want our children to be prepared for a meaningful life, with 21st century skills. We share the vision with the founders and believe that learning “to do” and “to be” is more important than learning “to know”.

Our search led us to Acton Academy - a proven network of learner-driven micro-schools, founded by educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and parents.

We are continually encouraged by other families on their own journey asking “what next” and “who will we travel with”. Everything our children could ever dream to accomplish is on the far side of hard work. Our mission is to give them the tools and passion to make those dreams a reality.

We invite you to explore Acton Cedar Park and reach out as you prepare your family to change the world.


Tim Kennedy
Apogee Cedar Park: an Acton Academy, Founder & Head of School

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Our Campus

We are located at:

12129 FM 620 RR
Austin, Texas

Our Team

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy has been a life long teacher. As a senior Special Forces NCO with deployments throughout every combat theater and all over the world for the past 20 years He has trained men and women when their lives depend on their ability to apply what they learned. Tim is motivational speaker, TV host, UFC fighter, author, and multiple time entrepreneur. Tim has trained and inspired people all over the world to be the best version of themselves. He has a degree from Columbia College and has dedicated his life to an endless pursuit of being able understand so he can BE and most of all to DO.

Alexis Drees
Head of School

Alexis Drees is a passionate educator who has been encouraging and inspiring young minds for over 20 years. Her passion for education began early in her career as a coach and mentor for school age kids during college and quickly grew into working in classrooms all over the world. Alexis inspires a love of learning in all her students. She graduated from Portland State University and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Education. An entrepreneur herself, she founded and ran her own school for several years. Alexis is also a parenting coach and public speaker.

Since 2017, Alexis has been a leader in growing the largest Acton Academy campus both as a Guide and a parent. Finding Acton Academy has been the perfect partnership of her beliefs about educational philosophy, inspiring student lead learning and real world experience. She is dedicated to helping young heroes find a calling and change the world.

Alexis, her husband and their four young boys are thrilled to be embarking on a hero's journey at Apogee Cedar Park: An Acton Academy.

Kayla Wagner
Elementary Guide

Originally from New Hampshire, Kayla spent much of her time in the outdoors. She grew up in both the public and private school setting through middle and high school. During her gap year she traveled with the National Outdoor Leadership School throughout Baja, Mexico where she backpacked in the Sonoran Desert, and sailed and kayaked in the Sea of Cortez learning leadership and outdoor skills. She later attended the University of New Hampshire where she received a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Outdoor Education. After living the outdoor educator lifestyle in Colorado, Kayla moved back to New Hampshire to work at Proctor Academy where she worked in Admissions and was the head of the women’s lacrosse and strength and conditioning programs. She has spent the last year working with multiple students in a homeschool environment. When she’s not teaching you can catch her on a boat, in the gym or doing anything competitive and outside!

Ashley Cartwright
Elementary Guide

Ashley is a graduate of Malone University, where she studied Sport Management, Business, Community Health Education, and obtained a teaching license in Early Childhood Education. During her time as an undergraduate she was a member of the university's varsity basketball program. After college, she coached and assisted many basketball programs from elementary to college age and spent time teaching both online and in the classroom. Also an entrepreneur, Ashley is the CEO of a health and fitness brand. She also does freelance photography and videography. Ashley is passionate about helping others cultivate an environment where they can reach their full potential. When not in the studio, you can find Ashley chasing after her four young children, in the gym, or soaking up the Texas sun!

Ashley Macy
Spark Guide

Born and raised in the Austin area, Ashley has always had a heart for children and a passion for teaching. She started teaching piano at age 15, working at a music studio as a student teacher, and then opening a studio from her home. She specializes in teaching children with special needs. Most recently, she worked with a homeschool pod, helping children to continue their education during the pandemic, and then moved into a role at a public school in Liberty Hill working in special education/behavior management. Ashley is currently working on her degree in Elementary Education/Special Education. She has always believed that every child is important and wants to help each child believe in themselves, find their strengths, and reach their full potential. When she is not in the studio, Ashley helps lead worship at her church, assists at photoshoots, spends time with family and friends (including her fur-baby Nugget), and loves to create things!

"The thought of a learning environment that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn't deserve that?"