An Introduction to Apogee Cedar Park

New to our school? Learn more about our mission and philosophy in the video below from Founder, Tim Kennedy and Head of School, Alexis Drees:
We're opening a school in Austin! A unique campus here in Cedar Park and part of a larger network of Acton Academy campuses all over the world.
Learner-driven, project-based, hands-on learning in an environment built on respect, integrity, and leadership. 

All of my failures and life experience from 17 years in special forces, a serial entrepreneur, and professional athletes are all being leveraged for the school. We have created the most extraordinarily conducive environment for learning. 

Alexis Drees has been part of the Acton Academy network for several years. As an Acton Academy parent, Guide, and now Head of School, her knowledge of Acton Academy systems and structures as well as a passion for learner-driven education over the past 20 years has helped her grow the largest Acton Academy in the country. She is bringing her knowledge, experience, and excitement to the first-ever Acton campus in Cedar Park, Texas; Apogee Cedar Park.

Apogee Cedar Park will focus on both hands-on and project-based learning with some of the best and brightest resources available. From learning about aviation by being inside a real helicopter to rotating music, arts, and language activities by experts in their craft.

Apogee Cedar Park values character growth, physical movement, and hands-on learning as an essential part of our innovative learning environment. Moving the body builds the mind! Learning by doing not learning by lecturing creates lifelong learners! 

Heroes learn and grow through personal responsibility, leadership, and support from their community. Apogee Cedar Park heroes become leaders, hard workers, and respect others by being part of a supportive community of peers, mentors, and Guides that begin each hero's journey with the mindset of trusting the children. Trusting each child will find a calling and change the world.

- Tim Kennedy, Founder of Apogee Cedar Park

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