Can Acton Heroes Get Into Their Desired Universities

We often get asked whether Acton Heroes can get into their desired universities. Head of School, Alexis Drees, answers this frequently asked question - and the answer may surprise you.

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That's a question I get from parents all the time. They're wondering, “Will my kid be able to go to college? Is this going to work for them when they go out and try to get a different profession? “Will this be a setback for them?”

I think that the best answer to that question is when we start asking about college as a great end goal, I think we're missing the point that it's not just about where you go to college [that matters]. We've been focusing on measurements for years. What are their SAT scores like? Are their SAT scores going to get them into where they want to go? I can tell you that there are Acton graduates that are already into a career of their choice before they even graduate. Our whole focus is on your next great adventure.

I think when you're focusing on character traits like respect, responsibility, and integrity you're already ahead of the game. Those are people that are getting the connections. Those are the ones that are getting hired because they're just a standout person. We work a lot on presentations and group work - this starts at age 6 and 7. If you're used to getting honest feedback, if you're used to taking your work and editing it so that you can then presented again, if you know what your strengths are in a team, those are some of the greatest qualities that you can just continue to grow for the rest of your life and feel good about yourself, feel confident about yourself, and know how to handle yourself in a group situation.

The option for college is always there. If you decide that's what you want for your hero and your family, that option is always there for you. Most graduates have already taken college courses and some of them have done some of their undergraduate work already [while at Acton] - you're just setting them up for more and more success.

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