How Does Apogee Handle Behavior Issues

Parents tend to ask “How does an Acton Academy campus handle behavior issues?”

At Apogee, we believe it is best to let our heroes work through this rather than the traditional top-down behavior correction methods where adults fix the issues for them - after all, conflict resolution is another life skill we can all benefit from, even at a young age.

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I will say that it's not the adults who handle behavior issues - it's the heroes themselves. They agree to a contract and create a contract at the beginning of the year for behaviors that they agree to, and then the students themselves uphold that contract.

They have systems of accountability that say “You're not upholding the contract so you need to come to a meeting”, plus there is a strike system in place for those who are not finding their way [to correct behavior].

All those systems are there to support our heroes and guide them. If there is ever an issue with a hero, the meeting is always with a parent, the hero, and a guide - and those conversations are directed at the hero. We're here to encourage growth [for our heroes] even when they stumble.

If you believe that every child is a genius and there's an opportunity to help them find their calling and change the world, then that's our job is to get them there.

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