Meet Alexis Drees, Apogee's Head of School

We know it's the people in your child's education that can make the biggest impact, so when it came to finding our Head of School, we didn't take the decision lightly.

Alexis Drees comes to Apogee Cedar Park with experience as an Acton Academy leader and parent - and we couldn't be happier to have her!

---- Video Transcription ---

My name is Alexis Drees and I’m the head of school at Apogee Cedar Park. I would say my hero's journey in education started over 20 years ago. I have always been involved with coaching and mentoring. I would say taking care of children has been my calling since a young age.

During my Master's program, I studied in Italy with the Reggio Emilia philosophy which focused greatly on teaching younger generations and encouraging them to be creative and to better understand them as a way for prosperity and joy as a whole society. 

I think that's really the basis of where my passion lies in education. I’ve taught elementary school and middle school, and I always found myself wanting more than just the academic piece for our young Heroes and finding Acton Academy was like a gem. 

I've always believed in project-based education. I’ve always led through Socratic guiding; asking questions and letting the students find their own way is what I've always believed is the very best part about learning for encouraging growth and lifelong learning, not just memorization and academics. 

I found Acton Academy about four years ago when I enrolled my own kids and never looked back. I quickly asked to be part of their Community and was hired as a guide and I've been teaching and guiding at Acton Academy Placer, the largest Acton in California and in the country, over the last few years. I'm really excited to bring this passion and excitement to a new Acton campus here in Cedar Park.

I think what we all want for our kids is the courage to give them the path and the mentors and the support to follow their dreams and find their calling so they can change the world. I'm very happy to be a part of bringing that here to Texas at Apogee Cedar Park.

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