Why goal setting is such an important skill

At Apogee Cedar Park, every Monday starts with our heroes setting their own academic goals. We set goals for each day, week, session, and year. Why?

Diligently setting and reporting on our SMART goals is among the most important processes at Apogee Cedar Park, and unfortunately not a skill emphasized nearly enough in traditional education settings. We start this practice as early as age 5 and continues to build this key habit our heroes fine-tune for the first few months or even years of their journey.

We begin by leading discussions with the opening question, “What is a SMART goal?”

S= specific
M= Measurable
A= agreed upon
R= Realistic
T= Time-based 

Setting, tracking, and completing goals is an integral part of each hero's progress and growth. 

Time management is an important real-world skill that sets our heroes apart from a traditional model of always being told when and what to be working on. In a self-directed learning environment, heroes learn habits such as goal setting and time management by taking ownership and responsibility for their work and time.
Apogee Cedar Park is a learning environment of carefully and thoughtfully created systems and structures that allows learners to take ownership and responsibility for themselves and their community. 

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