You Don't Need Testing to Track Progress

“When there are no tests or grades, how do we know what our child is learning or how well they are doing?”
When we look at the traditional model of education, the measurements and grade standards are paramount to a child’s “success”. A learner who is driving their own pace of learning is quite different. 

Heroes at Apogee Cedar Park are learning far more than their ABCs and 123s (they are excelling at those as well). They are learning real-life skills, integrity, teamwork collaboration - all while also learning about themselves. In other words, they are learning far more than we could ever quantify or qualify with a standard measurement system. 

Heroes learn what they are interested in and how to problem solve with critical thinking. They learn to form opinions and think independently. 

We look at the hero and their journey towards excellence not as a linear path, but rather one with times of incredible acceleration and growth in different areas at different times. 

A hero’s work and progress are tracked through their Badge Path online tracking sheet, their Portfolio, their presentations at Exhibitions held 7 times a year, and their volunteer and leadership roles in our community. 

The best way to see how your child is progressing, learning, and growing is to spend time connecting with them and participating in their academic path. At Apogee Cedar Park, there is a triangle of success. Three points meet with equal participation; Hero, Guide, and Parent. Together we support, encourage, and hold a high standard of Learning to do, Learning to be, and Learning to know.

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