Elementary and Middle School Guides

(ages 8-14)

About Apogee Cedar Park

We combine elements of Socratic guiding, hands-on experiential projects and interactive technology, creating a lively learning environment that feels more like an adventure than school.

At Apogee, we have mixed-aged classrooms called studios with a self-paced learning design as opposed to grade-levels. Our real world-oriented projects culminate in a public exhibition of learning as opposed to test scores and report cards. In all areas of Apogee life, our learners are empowered to be in the driver's seat of their education. We currently serve learners ages 4-14 with plans to expand to high school.

Job Description

As a Socratic Guide you will:

  • Facilitate learning opportunities and lead inspiring Socratic discussions for our young scholars.
  • Empower Learners to learn autonomously, and discover their independence.
  • Help create and facilitate engaging real world projects and challenges.
  • Give undivided attention to learners as they work in small groups and autonomously on projects or online learning programs.
  • Always be in tune with the needs of the individual learners, and the studio culture as a whole.
  • Guide our learners in goal setting.
  • Be a role model as a life-long learner
  • Be confident and supportive, but willing to step back and allow Learners to explore and find answers.

Preferred Experience and Skills:

  • A background in education or working with children, but a desire to try something different than the traditional education model.
  • Experience with project based learning preferred.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and desire to work hard, solve problems, and improve on everything they do.
  • A strong teamwork ethic, a genuine desire to collaborate with colleagues, and a commitment to professionalism.
  • A commitment to practicing gentle, compassionate boundary setting.
  • A willingness to be coached and mentored.
  • Vulnerability and courage to try new things, make mistakes, and the ability to reflect.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience preferred.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in becoming part of our growing team please submit your resume and a thoughtful cover letter that outlines how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position, which age group you are interested in working with, what you will bring to the Apogee team, and why you are passionate about this opportunity.

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